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As the sports physiologist, I consider that we got only into the most top layer of knowledge in the field of the creatine potential for bodybuilders and athletes of other sports. I also consider that bodybuilders use creatine in the way which is not providing the maximum effect in creation of muscles. At the correct reception creatine is capable to give to athletes much more.

In the field of sports food various marketing mixes and the sea of rumors distract attention of bodybuilders from really effective formulas. Than to spend money and time for expensive food additives which efficiency is not confirmed with solid scientific researches bodybuilders and other athletes should learning to take a maximum from preparations which already proved the high efficiency.
New sports formulas come and leave, but creatine already underwent testing time, just because it works! Numerous researches showed that creatine steadily gives a considerable gain of force and dry muscle bulk, however, I am firmly convinced that there is more effective way of its reception, than that which is traditionally used now.

Creatine sustained intensive attacks from scientific community and every time proved the high efficiency and absolute safety. Besides, it is exclusively economic. I attentively studied these testings of creatine - its absorbing genetics, cellular transport, a metabolism and influence on sports productivity. As a result of the analysis of all this information I found out the best way of reception of creatine giving the maximum anabolic effect.
Creatine use strategy which I am going to state you, is urged to provide a synergy between intensive training and a metabolism in muscle cells for start of a powerful anabolic response which consequence rapid growth of force and muscle bulk has to turn out to be. If you already used creatine earlier and did not receive desirable results, then with new strategy you receive them. If you after all achieved quite good results, then hold the chair - new strategy will give you phenomenal growth!

Introduction to a subject

The traditional way of use of creatine is 5-7 days of a loading phase with reception 20-25 grams of creatine a day with the subsequent transition to the supporting doses to 2-5 grams of creatine a day. These standard recommendations are considered as the best way of reception of creatine, but only by default. Bodybuilders and trainers can not guess that traditional dozazh creatine is based on conclusions of surprisingly small number of scientific experiments. It is just basic approach which probably destroys 70-80% of that progress which could be reached.

All researches of creatine continued from six to twelve weeks, but by the end even of this very short period effects of creatine began to die away. In actual practice athletes I accept creatine much longer than 6-12 weeks. Their commitment traditional scientific (but short-term) to the protocol during longer terms can be one of the reasons of what athletes receive less possible effects of creatine (many months or even years). It is all the same that to begin medical practice after the termination of courses of the first medical assistance! Application of limited knowledge in long-term practice can lead to accident or in our case to restriction of huge potential of this surprising food additive.